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If you are a dedicated Nordic walker you have made a wonderful choice. We truly believe if you had to choose only one exercise Nordic walking should be at the top of your list. But adding a different style of exercise into your regime is a powerful way to help accelerate weight loss, boost fitness and keep your routine feeling fresh and motivating.

Pilates is in many ways very similar to Nordic walking. They both focus on core strength, posture, symmetry and are fantastic total body workouts, but there are also clear differences. Pilates is often floor based, more focused on lengthening and expanding the muscles and can increase ‘body-awareness’ giving a better understanding of any weak areas. Put the two exercises together and you’ll enjoy amazing benefits to your body, improve your overall fitness and feel a million dollars!

We spoke to Vicky Woodington of local company Pilates Active to ask why she became a teacher and why Pilates is so popular (there’s a free class up for grabs too).

“I have taught mat Pilates for over 10 years and discovered Pilates when I was a primary school teacher. I was finding my teaching job very demanding, so I joined a local Pilates class to relax and become stronger – I quickly realised the benefits and fell in love with this form of exercise.  After having my first child I realised I really needed a career change from teaching within the education system, so I enrolled on to Pilates instructor course and never looked back.

Pilates can benefit everyone and this is why I love it so much.  I teach a variety of clients, making accommodations for everyone that steps into my class.  I try and create a warm, inviting, caring environment so clients can ease themselves in gently and many people choose Pilates as they can start off slow. This is one of Pilates great attributes, it is slow and controlled. 

There is a focus on breath work as well which helps us take a moment and stop from the busy stressful lives that we find ourselves in this modern day and age (much research has been done within the importance of breath and the impact it has on our wellbeing).  Doing a small amount of good quality breath work can clear a foggy mind, help us de-stress and help strengthen muscles.

Pilates gives you an awareness of your posture, how our bodies move and I appreciate how wonderful the human body is since learning Pilates.  When training to become an instructor, you have to learn a lot about anatomy and physiology and working with clients makes you realise that no two bodies are the same – we are all unique and wonderful.  Everyone feels things differently within their own body, what one person may find easy, another impossible.  Modifications are the key, making it possible to adapt every exercise so it can be beneficial to the individual. 

The awareness Pilates gives an individual demonstrates our bodies imbalances – why you may have that niggling pain in your right hip or you always injure yourself on the left-hand side and so on. As with most things awareness is the start of change.  This is empowering and informative to everyone.

Woman practising Pilates

Finally, strength – Pilates makes you stronger!  There is a focus on core, but I visit all muscle groups within my classes.  As we become older our muscle tissue decreases which makes it vital to keep up with strength training.  Being strong has so many benefits including: preventing injury, stronger immune system, ability to recover and increase longevity.  I am passionate about making my clients stronger and making sure they leave my classes feeling like they have worked out but also feeling more relaxed than when they came in.  If you would like to come and see if my classes suit you then please email me at freetrialclass@pilatesactive.com to claim your free trial today.  Hope to see you on the mat soon!”

Vicky x

Pilates Active has classes in BS7 and BS9.

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