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What kit do I need for Nordic walking?

Nordic walking is one of the easiest exercises to start. Apart from poles and a good pair of walking shoes or boots, you don’t need any other special equipment. Just learn the technique (ideally with a qualified instructor) and off you go!

But if you’re a regular or long distance Nordic walker there are accessories that will your sessions that bit more enjoyable. Over the years we’ve found these bits of kit to be pretty useful, plus they make great presents.

Nordic walking poles

A must to get right! Make sure you buy the correct pole height for you and don’t be tricked into buying trekking or hiking poles as they are different from Nordic walking poles.

You can read our blogs on how to measure yourself for poles and how to tell the difference between the different types of poles on the market.

When you know what you’re looking you you’re ready to buy. Here’s our favourite tried and tested NW poles.


The mantra with Nordic walking is ‘Be bold, start cold’ as the technique will get your circulation pumping and warm you up in no time, but if you have Reynauds or just hate having cold hands you may want to use thin gloves. Thin gloves are best as thicker gloves will make it harder to do the Nordic technique.

Here’s a pair we like as they have a handy silicone grip and touchscreen capacity. 


If you’ve never used gaiters before we would highly recommend them. As well as keeping water and mud off your trousers (less washing is always welcome) they protect against thorns and other foliage that may snag or damage your trousers. These Montane Pro Gaiters Gore are lightweight, waterproof and breathable.

Peaked Cap

A lightweight breathable peaked cap is multi-functional – perfect for either sunny days or to prevent rain going into your eyes throughout your walk.

This cap has a backstrap which can be adjusted to suit. For hotter days you can use a simple visor to let your head breathe. We like this sporty Nike cap for price and style.

Water Resistant Boot Bag

As it rains for an average of 133 days per year in the UK your shoes or boots are likely to get muddy! Rather than using up your plastic bags to keep the car clean, this handy Boot Bag does the job brilliantly.

Features include a ventilation window to allow air to flow and the bag is made from a water resistant fabric to keep the contents dry and protected. This bag comes with a 3-year warranty.

Waterproof Seat Cover

Not many people think about getting in the car when you’re wet, but regular soakings could affect the life of your upholstery and make it smell mouldy.

This heavy-duty waterproof and wipeable car seat cover means you can jump in the car and go. A great piece of Nordic walking kit for for those rainy/muddy days.


Socks are an important but forgotten factor when it comes to Nordic walking.

For wet days these Sealskinz waterproof socks are fantastic for keeping your feet dry and warm.

Sealskinz are the original tried and tested waterproof sock so we know they work. Just watch how you wash them to keep the integrity of the waterproof layer (no bio liquid) and let them dry naturally. You can read our blog dedicated to socks here.


You’ll need something for your keys, phone, water and spare clothing  and we love this this small 12 litre backpack by Dipsea. It’s lightweight, waterproof and padded mesh to stop a sweaty back patch.

Boot Buddy

To keep your shoes and boots in good condition you’ll need to remove any mud as soon as possible after a walk. The Boot Buddy is a really clever invention and works well to remove both wet and dry mud. A must for all regular walkers.  

Water Bottle Carrier

Hands free walking – Carry your water bottle on your person; camping accessories similar to molle pouches making the ideal walking accessories to explore the great outdoors; bottle holder has two front pockets to carry your phone, credit card or keys.

A water bottle pouch that can also fit your essentials to replace your pockets when hiking, traveling, or at the gym; the insulated bottle bag fits most 25oz flasks from common brands.

Really useful piece of kit especially in the summer months to keep you hydrated whilst enjoying your Nordic walks – a must have.

Usana CellSentials

As we age nutrient absorption may decrease, and certain vitamins and minerals become more crucial for maintaining optimal health. Multivitamins and antioxidants can provide an extra layer of support to bolster your immune system, boost energy levels, promote brain function, maintain healthy skin and hair and aid overall vitality. Usana is a well respected company and their CellSentials combination is a best seller.

Now you’ve got the gear and all the idea. We also have Nordic walking Gift Vouchers for friends or loved ones who want to get fit.

No excuses now, it’s time to get going!

The Bristol & Bath Nordic Walking Team