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A frivolous blog this week!  How good is your local knowledge of the areas we walk in?  Test yourself with this quiz.  Can you beat 5/10?



  1. Name the Act of Parliament (including the date) that preserved the Downs for the recreational use for the citizens of Bristol.
  2. As you head out across The Downs from the café Retreat with the water tower behind you, there is a rough, scrubby area to your left which was once mined for lead and iron.  What is the name given to this area?
  3. In 2011 goats were introduced in a four hectare area on the Downs.  Why were they introduced?
  4. What is the area where the goats graze called?
  5. In Blaise Estate there are two caves. Can you name either of them?
  6. Ashton Court is home to three types of deer.  Can you name them?
  7. There are several bicycle trails that criss-cross through Ashton Court and Leigh Woods.  They all have names.  Can you name one
  8. The Ashton Court rangers allow the grass to grow during the summer months for what reason?
  9. Ros and Vicky had their picture taken today on Pero’s bridge, Harbourside as it is the site of a special ‘art’ installation.  What is this art installation?
  10. Do you know the name of the artificial stone that was used to landscape the area around Abbots Pool?



  1. The Downs Act 1861
  2. The Dumps
  3. Conservation to protect grasses and flowers
  4. The Gully
  5. Robber’s Cave and Butcher’s Cave
  6. Fallow deer, Red deer, roe deer
  7. Nova, Yer Tiz
  8. To protect the skylarks
  9. Fog bridge
  10. Pulhamite