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From politics to food choices to sport there is one common thread – not everyone likes the same thing.  So whilst we love Nordic walking and can see its many benefits, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

On paper Nordic walking looks impressive: engaging 90% of our muscles, burning up to 46% more calories than ordinary walking, challenging both the upper and lower body to give a total body workout, strengthening your postural muscles and firming your core. 

But when I’m asked what Nordic walking’s key benefits are I increasingly turn to its less tangible qualities:

  • It’s sociable
  • It’s outdoors
  • It makes us feel good (we have a laugh)
  • It’s something we actually look forward to – yes even in the rain.

Whether it’s meeting up for a quiz or coming together for weekend’s walking, building fun and friendship into your fitness regime transforms it from being something you ‘ought’ to do to something you ‘want’ to do.  

Yes we have hour long Nordic walking fitness walks and longer walks, all of which challenge and extend our fitness, but the real reason we are getting fitter and able to walk a marathon in a weekend is because we enjoy the company as well as the sport.

The Bristol & Bath Nordic Walking Team

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