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My Fitbit fascination

At last I have a Fitbit. This little device has caused a huge stir and I wanted to see for myself just what all the fuss is about. Is it motivational and will I be waiting with baited breath to feel the satisfying buzz on my arm when I’ve been a good girl and reached a daily goal? 

Well it’s a week in and so far I’m pretty impressed. The best part for me is the heart rate monitor and seeing how often I am going into either the fat burning, cardio or peak zones.

If you’re not hitting these zones then you may not see any increase in fitness or weight loss, so this tracker is a great way to see how hard you’re working and if you need to push yourself more. Are you Nordic walking on flat ground and not ever reaching your fat burn or cardio zone? Then you may want to try hills, walking faster in intervals or using your poles in a more powerful way. 

Another great feature is the sleep tracker which measures if you’re getting at least 7 hours and how restless you are during the night. There’s also a calorie counter, a pedometer, your distance covered and oddly, floors climbed – I’m not sure how much use that one is.

It’s true that you can sometimes get false readings from these trackers, but if you don’t take them too seriously then they’re good fun. If it motivates you and makes you think about your body then it has to be a good thing. I’m really enjoying it and yes, the buzz on my wrist when I reach a goal does give me a spring in my step. If you’re interested click to check out the Fitbit HR on Amazon (it’s a good price there). 


The best part of being a Bristol Nordic Walking instructor (Ros Ingleby)

Nordic walking is unlike any exercise I’ve ever done before. It doesn’t require lycra, grunting, there’s no speed or age limits and no-one cares who’s got the best gear. There are no mirrors in sight and walkers can forget their worries as they concentrate on swinging those arms and planting firmly. 

But the best part for me is watching people gain confidence because they can exercise at their own level. After the initial training session they get to know other walkers, fitness and technique improves and suddenly they’re stomping around the Downs like a pro.

Some people like to push their limits, join challenges or go cross-country skiing. Others prefer a good chat and and are happy to keep in the middle of the pack. I love that it’s that flexible, plus watching people enjoy themselves whilst getting fit is just brilliant. As I’ve always said, best job in the world. Thanks for making it possible everyone – signing off until our next adventure!