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Want to get fit and healthier but not sure where to start? Nordic Walking could be the exercise for you.

300+ Bristol & Bath Nordic Walkers every month can’t be wrong!  

Nordic Walking is more than just ‘walking with poles’. The technique propels you forward and upward, works your arms/shoulders/chest/core/back as well as your lower body, and offers health and fitness benefits that regular walking cannot.

It’s inclusive and caters for most fitness levels, but if you’re unsure about your suitability for our classes call our experienced instructor Ros on 07886885213 and she’ll be delighted to chat. Our mission is to get as many people Nordic walking as possible – it can simply transform your life.

It improves strength, helps you lose weight, reduces bodily niggles and boosts fitness, all without feeling too strenuous. Now that’s an exercise we can all get on board with!

Where to start?  With a good instructor from Bristol Nordic Walking!

  • Learn the proper technique

While Nordic Walking is (relatively) easy to learn, to gain its full benefits, you need to do it correctly. Our instructors were trained by the International Nordic Walking Federation, using the classic technique which is crucial for burning 20-46% more calories than normal walking, as supported by research. Join our 60-75 minute Beginner Workshop where we’ll teach you all you need to know.

  • Join regular group sessions

Practice and perfect your technique while making new friends in our weekly hour-long Nordic Walking sessions. All sessions are led by highly-experienced and friendly instructors on Clifton Downs, Ashton Court, Blaise Estate, Oldbury Court in Bristol, and Royal Victoria Park and Rainbow Woods in Bath. We have over 20 hour-long sessions to choose from.

  • Get the right equipment

Consult your instructor before buying Nordic Walking poles. We will ensure you get the correct length for your height, discuss the different types available and avoid confusing them with trekking poles. We always lend our Nordic walkers poles for free, so no need to buy until you want to.  

  • Wear comfortable clothing

No need for special gear. Just wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothes and shoes or boots with a good tread.

Bristol & Bath Nordic walking team

You can find our favourite Nordic walking poles here and if you’re looking for our advice on other walking kit with the weather changing here’s our recommendations on the best:

walking shoes     

waterproof boots

waterproof jackets

walking socks (socks are an important but forgotten factor)