Here’s everything you need to know regarding signing up for Membership with us. Please read it fully and contact us if you’d like to join ☺

You have 3 options:

Fitness Membership

Two hour long Nordic walks from our timetable every week (Mon-Sun)

£50 per month

Energise Membership

Three hour long Nordic walks from our timetable every week (Mon-Sun)

£70 per month

Joint Membership

Two hour long Nordic walks per person from our timetable every week (Mon-Sun)

£92.75 per month

We’ll ask you to book your Nordic walks online through your Customer Area and you will have full control over booking, changing and cancelling your sessions.

When you sign up for Membership your payments will continue to be taken on the same day each calendar month (ie on the 15th of each month) until you decide to stop it using your Customer Area. Membership is completely flexible and you can start and stop it whenever you like.

Unused Nordic walks cannot be rolled over to another week and if you do not use your weekly walk allowance you will lose those sessions.

If you currently have credits in your Nordic walking account from buying a block, we will transfer that back into cash in your Nordic walking account and this will be automatically used towards your Membership payments. If you have walks booked in the future they will remain as they are and we will credit those to your Nordic walking account as well – ie, you will not pay for them twice.

Please be aware that our booking system will allow you to make an infinite number of bookings as a member, so we rely on an honesty system from our walkers. If you book over and above your allowance the system will not know to charge you, so please only book your allotted number of walks.

Please note:

  • Our timetable for regular Nordic walks is set out in our website and we run this schedule throughout the year. We aim to offer at least 90% of these Nordic walks every week, there may however be some weeks when fewer Nordic walks are offered due to instructor holidays or illness. Occasionally we will need to amend the times we walk due to instructor issues or to provide a class that better suits the majority of our Nordic walkers. We will give advance notice in the newsletter of any timetable changes. There will be a limited schedule between Christmas Eve and New Years Day.
  • There is a 24 cancellation period for all sessions
  • You are able to switch between packages – contact us if you’d like to do this
  • Your Membership is paid one calendar month in advance and if you stop your Membership before that month is up you will not receive any refund for the remaining time
  • There will be no price increase until January 2022 and from then there will be a small increase each year.
  • You cannot use Membership along with a package of Nordic walks.