You are currently viewing Leigh Woods 2 hour Nordic walk

We are excited to announce the return of our regular 2-hour stamina Nordic walk in beautiful Leigh Woods, led by instructor Debra Tarring, every other Sunday from 10-12.

Nordic walking is a powerful exercise however long your session lasts, but a two hour session can bring added benefits:

Weight Management: You’ll benefit from extended calorie and fat burning.

Improved Cardiovascular Health: Your heart rate is elevated for longer improving heart health, lowering blood pressure, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Enhanced Endurance: A 2 hour Nordic walk boosts overall endurance and stamina, so you’ll find it easier to engage in more physically demanding activities.

Muscle Conditioning: You’ll engage your muscles for longer, leading to effective muscle conditioning and toning. This can contribute to improved posture and reduced risk of muscle imbalances and injuries.

Improved Aerobic Fitness: Extended walks boost your aerobic fitness. You’ll experience better lung capacity, oxygen take up, and overall cardiovascular efficiency.

De-stress: Longer walks are a great opportunity to have a good old chat. This can be highly therapeutic.

Time for Reflection: A two hour walk provides more time to clear the mind. It can be a valuable opportunity to reassess and reflect on various aspects of your life.

Date: Every other Sunday starting 24th September

Time: 10-midday

Duration: 2 hours

Instructor: Debra Tarring

Terrain: This Nordic walk will suit you if you have a moderate fitness level. It’s more physical than a flat walk, there are steep hills and uneven terrain so you’ll need to be a confident walker

Cost: £14pp or 2 membership walks

Meeting Place: Holy Trinity Church, 41 Church Rd, Abbots Leigh, Bristol BS8 3QT

Free Parking along Church Road (please be mindful of any church services)

All cancellations will be automatically credited to your Bristol Nordic Walking account. Please note you will not receive any refund if you cancel 24 hours before this walk.