Gentle Qigong to Restore Balance in Mind and Body

Date: Friday 9th July 10:00am
Meeting Point: Opposite side of the road from the Downs Cafe, BS9 1FG
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Qigong – the healing art.

Qigong is an important branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine known as ‘Chinese Yoga’ and has significant similarities to Tai Chi, as both work on Qi – our energy or life force. In practice, body movement, breathing techniques, sound, meditation and mind activity are all used to directly work on Qi.

Practiced by millions worldwide, Qigong is said to be a powerful and effective tool for preventing illness and improving health. Practitioners describe how it strengthens and balances the whole body, including the organs and the immune system. It helps to calm the mind so you can find a balanced, relaxed and harmonious state more easily and more often. When in a state of physical, mental and emotional balance, we are better able to meet all kinds of challenges in life.

If you would like to try this ancient art we’re pleased to offer you an hour-long taster session with Stephanie Betschart, a Qigong teacher, hypnotherapist, resilience trainer and meditator. The session will take place on Clifton Downs and is for all ages and abilities.

Please wear comfortable clothing so that you can move freely, although don’t worry, there’s no acrobatics.

£11 per person

Non-Nordic walking friends welcome

If weather is very bad it will be rescheduled.


All cancellations will be automatically credited to your Bristol Nordic Walking account. Please note you will not receive any refund if you cancel 72 hours before this walk. 

If you would prefer a refund to your credit/debit card please let us know. It will be subject to a 1.4% +20p fee for european cards and a 2.9% + 20p fee for non-european cards.