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I’ve just returned from a fabulous week in Cornwall.  The coastal paths there are beautiful and I loved walking them.  What struck me was the number of times I passed couples or families with very different fitness levels.  Most often the man was striding out ahead with his other half trying valiantly to keep up.  It can’t have been much fun for either of them!

It reminded me that many of our walkers were first drawn to Nordic walking to help improve their fitness so they could keep up with their partner.  In every case Nordic walking has enabled them to achieve that goal and quite often the tables have been turned. Ros, who is 5ft 5″ now has to chivvy her 6ft 4″ boyfriend along and my two teenage boys (both over 6ft) have to work hard to keep up with me, especially on the hills.  Time and again I hear how family members have been amazed by the increased speed and stamina of their loved ones.  All thanks to Nordic walking.

So not only does Nordic walking improve your posture, fitness, stamina, muscle tone and strength, it also has a very real benefit when you go out walking with friends and family – with or without poles.  By joining our hour long fitness Nordic walking classes – and walking regularly with us – you can be confident that your pace will increase and those hills will not be the challenge they once were.  You might be looking over your shoulder for the rest of the family to catch up as well!