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We have a wonderful community here at Bristol & Bath Nordic Walking, so we’ll be learning more about them in our new section Getting To Know.

Christine Gregoire has been Nordic walking with us since 2022 and brings style, charisma and warmth to every session.

We asked Christine a few questions, including her thoughts on living in her native France, and her home now in the UK.

Hi Christine. Where are you from and why did you move to the UK?

I was born in Paris and always loved to come to England to see my penfriend and wear a mini skirt that I was not allowed in France. I move to the UK in 1979, guess, for a man who was my boyfriend in 1964!

Have you always been into fitness and what do you do to keep fit?

Not really fitness but I was a sportive person, skiing, riding horses, playing tennis and later on running. Following injuries, arthritis, a false knee and other problems which come with age, I could not do anymore the above sports but I wanted to keep fit so I walked, attended Pilate and Circuits classes.

How did you discover Nordic walking?

When I retired in France, my physio advised me to take nordic walking, which will be good for my back and over all posture. It’s what I did.

Where do you Nordic walk and why do you like it?

I am lucky enough to live just behind Ashton court where I am walking a lot alone or with friends and obviously with Bristol Nordic Walking. I feel good after a walk, not only my body but my spirit too.

What would you say to someone thinking about starting to Nordic walk?

Do it! It’s the best decision you will ever make. Not only it’s good for you but we have good instructors who will correct your position, posture and you meet a lot of nice people.

You’re in great shape, what are your tips when it comes to healthy eating?

I don’t miss a meal. I have a good breakfast with either porridge yogurt and fruit or scramble eggs and sourdough bread. Then I have a balanced Mediterranean diet.

What are your hobbies or passions?

I enjoy to play Bridge and to take care of my grandchildren but I do also a lot of volunteering as I have the possibility and a good health so I want to help others who are not so lucky and bring them a little bit of happiness.

If we visited one place in France where would you recommend?  

One place?  impossible. It depends so much of what you like. The Alps for the beauty of the mountains, Paris for its charm, Lyon for the food and the little bistros, the Loire valley for the castles and their history then the South Riviera for the sun and the beautiful scenery.

What’s your one favourite thing about France, and the UK? How do they differ?

Again, one favourite thing, it’s so difficult,

In France food, the markets, the terraces where you have a drink or a coffee and the streets in centre of Paris but I am a Parisian!

In UK, the cosmopolitan cities, the green country side and English Humour. In France, you make friends very quickly, in UK this is a bit more difficult but probably a bit more sincere.

Thank you Christine, you’re a superstar!

Bristol & Bath Nordic walking team

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