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Have you been tempted to skip the Nordic walking recently during the cold and wet? You wouldn’t be the only one! It’s hardly surprising you want to stay in the warm and dry when looking out through the window at grey, cold, rain-laden skies.

Here’s the thing though.  You may not want to go outside but it is never as bad once you’re out there and you’ll feel sooo much better for having been.  We all know this but sometimes it helps to be reminded! 

At Bristol Nordic Walking we’re big believers in getting out there and getting walking, whatever the conditions.  Here are three reasons why:

  1. Unless we’re ill it’s absolutely no good for us to stay indoors in a heated and stuffy environment.  We need to get out in that fresh air, breathe it into our lungs and feel it’s re-vitalising and energising effects.  This is even more important during the winter months when we’re generally less active.
  2. Walking in a group makes the time fly and we can all have a good old laugh at the weather and the conditions – a real mood booster and stress-reliever.
  3. Last but by no means least, muddy conditions give you a GREAT workout! Every step you take demands more from your core stabilizing muscles, your legs and your arms so you work harder and burn more calories.

Let’s face it, you cannot live in the UK and be a fair weather walker – you would end up missing about four months of the year, if not more!  So enjoy the blustery conditions and, in true British style, treat bad weather as a challenge. The technical kit is so good nowadays that there is no reason not to be out. Finally, don’t forget to savour how good you feel once you’re back in the warm and dry – you will have earned that hot drink!