Various Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays Sept 2017
Meeting Point: 
Ashton Court top (golf) car park, BS8 3PX

Would you like to know the difference in your calorie burn, heart rate and speed between ordinary walking and Nordic walking?  Well now's your chance! 

Join our research project, designed and run by Liz Carver (a former BAE research analyst) and you will discover the difference between walking with and without Nordic walking poles in relation to:

  • Heart rate (resting, peak and average)
  • Calories burned
  • Speed
  • Step count
  • Time taken
  • Perceived exertion

What’s involved in taking part in this research

  1. You need to commit to one 3 hour session in Ashton Court (we can provide you with Nordic walking poles).
  2. You will be asked to walk half a mile on the flat 8 times, therefore 4 miles in total.  Four of the trials will be with poles and four without.
  3. To minimize the fatigue effect, Liz’s design is ABBA for half participants and BAAB for the other (A = with poles, B = without poles).  There will of course be breaks in between each trial.
  4. You will be wearing a heart rate monitor during each trial and a step counter.  Both will be provided.
  5. You will be asked to fill in some questionnaires capturing your views before and after the session and between each trial.
  6. Liz will be videoing a small section of each trial to use in our analysis.
  7. You will be in a small group of maximum 6, with staggered starts – it is neither a race nor a competition!
  8. You will walk the first two trials (with and without poles) at your own pace, the third as fast as you can and the fourth back at your own pace.  Everyone will act as their own control.
  9. Your data will be reported anonymously within the study but you will have access to your own specific data.

Once the study is over Liz will compile the data and give you your results.  Ultimately we hope to publish the collective results in a scientific journal.  On the basis of our own empirical evidence and previous research we are expecting Nordic walking to be the winner, but this is not a foregone conclusion!  It will be fascinating to see the outcome. 

So please help us if you are able.  The more people we have the better the accuracy of our study.  We’ve tried to offer a mix of dates and times and you can book your slot on our booking system in the same way as you would book a regular walk.  This is of course no fee – just our gratitude.  Here are the dates that Liz is running the trials:

Tuesday 10am Ashton Court

Thursday 10 am Ashton Court

Sunday 10am Ashton Court

12 Sept

14th Sept

17th Sept

19th Sept

21st Sept

24th Sept

26th Sept

28th Sept

1st Oct

Thank you!