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How far can you walk? Plus a simple breathing technique for de-stressing and better sleep

I’ve just returned home from our Cotswolds Way walking weekend.  We covered 18 miles yesterday and 10 today.  Those taking part really rose to the challenging distances and, I think, surprised themselves by how well they managed.  It has caused me to reflect on the question of how far you can walk in a day.

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Nordic walking troubleshooting

Whether you’re a beginner or a more seasoned Nordic walker, here are some of the common Nordic walking issues and how to rectify them.

Stiff neck/shoulders after Nordic walking

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Are you a Pushmi or Pullyu? Uphill technique revisited.. Plus one walker's affair with two poles

Hills.  Some of us love them, others endure them.  Whichever camp you fall into, hills are a fantastic way of increasing your fitness, toning your muscles and burning calories.  But how much thought have you given recently to how, with Nordic walking poles in hand, you tackle them?  I’ve noticed recently that there are two distinct styles - a pushmi and a pullyu.  Unlike Dr Doolittle’s fictional beast, these methods are not in a symbiotic relationship, although you can use both styles on the same hill.  One, of course, is where you use the poles to push you up the hill and the other is wher

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Quiz anwers revealed - but don't read this sitting down

Last week I set you a short quiz.  It was part Nordic walking, part health.  The answers plus some commentary are below.  I would recommend you stand to read it as my answer to question 4 provides some unsettling information about the dangers of too much sitting.


1. During walking, what percentage of time are you on one foot?
a)  50%
b)  60%
c)  80%

Answer: 80%. 

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Why we should wind our necks in plus test yourself with this Nordic walking quiz

Have you seen yourself sideways-on recently?  If not, get someone to take a photo of you and have a look at how you’re standing.  Where’s your head position?  Are your ears aligned over your shoulders or does your head project forwards?  The reason for my asking is that I recently read that for every inch your head protrudes from its normal position, you add 10 additional pounds of force upon your neck.  This is enough to shift your entire body out of alignment, cause a great deal of neck and shoulder pain and reduce your lung capacity by up to 30%.

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Best spring/summer Nordic walking kit

The temperature is climbing and the ground drying out, so what’s the best kit to wear during this spring/summer transition?

Breathable Layers
The number one thing to remember is that breathable layering works in every situation - spring, summer, autumn and winter.  If I were a politician, I would be saying this three times as it’s my key message, but I’m not so I won’t.

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Shoulder focus plus the latest local news

Our shoulder joint is the most complicated joint in our whole body, with the greatest range of motion. You can move it in ten different ways. Ten!  It is no surprise therefore that shoulder injury or impingement is one of the biggest issues for those of you who walk with us (statistically three in ten adults will experience shoulder pain), outstripping even back ache.  

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Tone up for summer plus what to do with wonderful wild garlic

The recent warm weather teasers (I came home with a suntan after Wednesday’s Sand Bay coastal walk) and the lengthening days have made me think about summer.  More specifically about getting in shape for my summer holiday!  I don’t suppose I’m alone here.  Could you do with a bit of a boost to trim, tone and strengthen?  If so, did you know that running alongside all our fitness and exercises classes, we offer Body Boost?  This is our ultimate personalised package, where we develop a fitness plan around your specific goals and needs.

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Banish blisters, torso twist technique tips and brain health

The International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA) considers that there are 10 steps to achieving Nordic walking perfection.  Ten things before we can consider ourselves elevated to the elite echelons.  Sounds so simple - and, actually, it’s probably true.  Trouble is, how do we remember to do all these ten things at once, plus talk, plus enjoy ourselves?  For me the answer is a combination of mantras and cues.  Ignoring my mantra for the time being (that’s for another blog), I thought I’d share the various cues I use to help with the final INWA step - Step 10, Rotation.

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Nordic walking tips and paws – what’s on the market and which is best?

Have you ever given any thought to the tip system way down at the end of your pole? Does it matter, and if so, what are your choices? 

Why does the type of tip/paw on my pole matter?
If you want to optimise your Nordic walking experience and performance you need to consider every aspect of the pole you buy – the strap, the quality of the pole shaft itself and the tip/paw combination. For me, because all my poles are 100% carbon, it’s the tip system that dictates the pole I choose for a particular walk or event.

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